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Mobinck Mobility Consulting is an international corporate mobility expert.

We develop innovative, dynamic and actionable mobility programs that help reduce overall spend, meet sustainability targets and enhance employee satisfaction. Our team of cross-sectoral experts provides tools that help businesses create predictable, relevant, and sustainable improvements in their mobility program. 

Mobility impacts your business. From policy to processes. From people to assets. We use mobility as a strategic tool. We integrate multiple sources of data, providing a comprehensive overview of your mobility consumption, and enable you to balance between achieving company goals while positively influencing  employee satisfaction.  

Our track record includes experience with 250K employees at 350 clients throughout Europe. Our ecosystem manages over 175K company cars daily.  

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Victor van den Berg.

Victor van den Berg

Managing Director

Bas Bogerd.

Bas Bogerd

Director Customer Relations

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Our ventures ecosystem allows us to seamlessly transition from strategy to direct action.

Fleet Support +

Fleet and mobility management services

Moove +

Connected vehicles and advanced driver management

SafeDrivePod +

Phone blocking & phone based telematics

Toogethr +

Ridesharing, parking and shuttles

Xximo +

Flexible and international access & payment solutions