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‘Setting a smart course towards the corporate mobility of tomorrow’

Due to themes such as sustainability, the energy transition and smart mobility, corporate mobility is currently in a state of flux. More and more often, leased vehicles are giving way to a mobility budget with access to a variety of transportation options. This development emphasises the importance of expert vehicle fleet management, which is undergoing a gradual transformation towards directing flexible mobility.

Starting with the right steps

Fleet Support enables you to take the right, well-considered steps. Because after all, effective fleet and mobility management not only saves you money, it also makes you more attractive to current and potential employees and can make a valuable contribution to increasing the sustainability of your mobility. We can help you make policy decisions, improve your operational process or make the transition to complete outsourcing. All based on a clear vision that fits your company’s mobility scenario.

Pro-active progress in mobility

Fleet Support can apply its specific expertise to help you set out the path to tomorrow. From policy recommendations to a solution that is integrally embedded in your organisation. We do this with 75 enthusiastic, expert and customer-friendly employees. No-nonsense, involved and independent.
For over 25 years!