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The Federation of Medical Specialists has a lease scheme in place but no mobility scheme. They are eager to change this by adopting a modern policy that offers options for employees and control and oversight for the employer. 

A solution that is flexible and easy to use with lower administration costs


With regard to the new mobility scheme, the Federation of Medical Specialists wanted to make it possible to submit expense claims for a fixed sum per kilometre, regardless of the mode of transportation (i.e. car, train or bicycle). Previously, employees had no choice in their mobility: it was either an allowance for public transit or a mileage allowance. Important prerequisites for a suitable solution are that it be flexible, simple to use and lessen the administrative burden. The tax settlement must balance out in terms of numbers. For employees, the solution must be easy to use and convenient to apply in day-to-day practice.

For employees, the solution must be easy to use and convenient to apply in day-to-day practice.


In cooperation with the Federation of Medical Specialists, we introduced and implemented the new mobility policy. The new scheme, and our system, provide the employees with the desired flexibility in their means of transportation. This approach to transportation is in keeping with the New Way of Working and offers a fair reimbursement that is easy to explain.


Every employee now has a mobility pass to use for transportation. Personal use is allowed, but the costs will be withheld from wages. The employer will only be able to see the costs and no further details of the personal travel. This safeguards the employee’s privacy. The employer will, however, have full access to data concerning work-related trips. This ensures a fair, easy and airtight process with regard to the organisation’s corporate mobility.



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