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A temp agency has many flexible employees. They share hunderds of cars and drivers rotate vehicles ; this presents numerous operational challenges: 

Traffic tickets, damage of indeterminate origin and accidents call for greater control and oversight of the fleet.  There are no airtight records as to who was behind the wheel of the shared vehicle at the time a given violation or incident occurred. This makes it impossible to correctly settle the costs for traffic fines, policy excesses and tax additions with the party responsible.

The current carsharing method also entails a great deal of administration; managing the cars is a time-consuming operation due to key management, user agreements and visual inspections. It also offers no insight into driving behaviour: the safety of the driver cannot be sufficiently guaranteed and fuel consumption is high, as is the wear-and-tear on the vehicles.

Connected Sharing and telematics: the ideal combination for less costs and more efficiency!


To organise the fleet as efficiently as possible and ensure problem-free management for both the fleet owner and the driver.

In short, the combination of Connected Sharing and telematics ensures efficiency, lower costs and greater safety!


Use of Connected Sharing in combination with telematics.

With Connected Sharing, we always know who is behind the wheel of a certain car and when. We can also easily determine who was responsible for a traffic ticket, damage or accident.  This saves companies a considerable amount of unnecessary costs. It also eliminates the need for a face-to-face key transfer. Which, in turn, saves a great deal of time and hassle. 

With Connected Sharing, everything is digital. For the most part, administrative process are automated. And no matter how many drivers share the car, Connected Mobility always offers insight. 

Insight into driving behaviour

In addition to seamlessly sharing the vehicle, safety and reducing costs also play an important role in this pilot. This is why we deploy a combination of Connected Sharing and telematics.  By installing a dongle in a given car, we’ll know exactly how fast someone is travelling, whether the driver is wearing their seatbelt and whether their driving behaviour leaves something to be desired. After analysing the collected data, it is possible to decide on concrete actions that will serve to improve driving behaviour and enhance safety.  

In short, the combination of Connected Sharing and telematics ensures efficiency, lower costs and greater safety!


  • More efficient fleet management
  • Safer driving behaviour
  • Lower costs
  • No key transfer 
  • Happier employees


Connected Sharing

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