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Sustainability and freedom of choice


As the day nursery in question scales up, more and more positions are being created at the regional and general organisational levels. As a result, the demand for flexible mobility is increasing as well. 

There are currently two schemes for mobility:

1. a mileage allowance for commuting between home and work or work-related trips

2. a lease scheme that is primarily offered as a job benefit

These offer too little flexibility in light of all the developments in this sector.

All regional offices now enjoy carsharing and bikesharing


How can we translate the increasing demand for mobility and flexibility into a modern, sustainable and flexible mobility policy which is also cost-effective?

All regional offices are now equipped with shared vehicles and shared bicycles.


Step 1. Fleet & Mobility Scan: an analysis of the current situation based on the following main points:

• Policy
• Sustainability
• Driving behaviour of employees and their desired forms of mobility
• Costs of mobility (includes public transit costs, mileage allowances and lease costs).

Step 2. Electronic Mobility Survey: we explore and quantify what employees think about the current mobility scheme. 

Step 3. We discuss the results of the Fleet & Mobility Scan and the Electronic Mobility Survey with the stakeholders during a workshop.

Step 4. We elaborate the results in a mobility policy that includes a modified lease scheme.

Step 5. The new policy is implemented. 


All employees in the region have been issued a mobility pass. All regional offices are now equipped with shared vehicles and shared bicycles. The vehicles leased for personal use have also been made available to all colleagues as shared vehicles.


A new integral mobility scheme that offers greater flexibility. The number of kilometres driven has dropped considerably. This has yielded a major reduction in CO2. 

Replacing the expensive mileage allowance with a mobility pass has resulted in a large reduction in costs, thanks in part to investments made in shared electric vehicles, e-bikes and mobility passes. The current lease costs have been reduced as well.



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