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Fleets | Mobinck

We manage large international fleets, oversee leasing companies, and guide the transition towards sustainable alternatives.

The professional management of fleets requires specialist knowledge and software solutions. Whether it concerns lease cars, shared or company cars, light commercial vehicles or bicycles. Consider, for example, connectivity, ridesharing, the environmental impact of a fossil fuel fleet, and flexible use of assets in a continuously changing landscape of rules and regulations.In close cooperation with our ventures we are experts in the field of electric vehicles, optimizing your on-site parking facilities, planning of predictive maintenance, advanced driver management, designing in-company sharing programs and the conversion of your fleets to alternative solutions. Via fleet management services we help selecting leasing companies, competitively align service and price levels and reduce risk. From a single workshop session to full scale outsourcing of fleet management.

To date we manage 175.000 vehicles, and run multiple parking solutions throughout Europe.

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